When Rachel met Amy Thompson of British style bloggers

Amy Claire Thompson has achieved a lot more than most seventeen year old girls hoping to get into media. She is a fashion editor at Lipstick Royalty Magazine and now has her own site British Style Bloggers, giving opportunities to other young girls such as myself. She now also writes on her own blog Confessions of  Fashion Editor. I cauhgt up with Amy to find out how she achieved her dreams and her plans for next year.

Hey Amy, so firstly how did you get into fashion blogging?

I saw an article in Teen Vogue about how a bunch of rich-kid bloggers were going to be the next fashion editors, and I thought how unjust it was; I’ve been fashion editting a magazine since I was fifteen, and the hard work and passion I put in didn’t seem to count for anything in this industry. My blog [Confessions of a Fashion Editor] was created last February as a statement against that ethos.

How did you get into fashion editing at such a young age?

I just got lucky, I suppose. I used to publish my fiction writing on Bebo Authors, and through that I found an advert for magazine writers. I applied, of course, and through that, I met Rachel Phipps, my wonderful editor. She was only fourteen then, and we’ve come a really long way together. She hates when I tell people how young she was, though. Whoops.

So how has it changed your teenage years compared to your friends?

I honestly don’t think it has, not that much. I’ve never really been the ‘partying’ kind of girl, if that makes sense – I still do all the things my friends do… I just write a lot on the side. Besides, editorial and blogging has given me so many fantastic opportunities, and I’ve made so many friends for life… I wouldn’t have missed this for the world!

what advice would you give for other hopeful editors/ bloggers?

Work hard, be passionate don’t listen to haters take constructive critcism to heart get yourself a really awesome lay-out take any and all writing positions that come your way and finally get yourself out there and make yourself known.

You mentioned fantastic opportunities, whats the best thing you have done since you began your job?
Oh, free stuff! It’s got to be the free stuff… however shallow that might sound! Rachel and I got free press tickets to Clothes Show London last May, which was fabulous – front row seats for the show, and the beauty awards… and all day to shop!

what was your idea behind starting British style bloggers?
I was interviewed last summer by a fashion blogger from Romania, and I noticed that she had a badge on her blog linking to “Romanian Fashion Bloggers”, and I basically thought that there were surely more fashion bloggers in Britain… ha ha!

And finally, what does 2010 hold for Amy Claire Thompson, Confessions Of A Fashion Editor and British Style Bloggers?
For me, personally A Level results, going to Uni, moving onwards and upwards, I hope!

For COAFE? Who knows? Certainly not me. More rambling, more fashion, more feminism, very probably…

And for BSB well, we’re about to announce Body Image Season, which is really exciting – we’re dedicating the early part of 2010 to continuing the Fashion Activism campaign, with a focus on positive body image, which I’m really, really excited about! Keep looking!

You can visit Amy’s sites by clicking on the logos


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14 Responses to When Rachel met Amy Thompson of British style bloggers

  1. Amy says:

    Yay! That’s me 🙂

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  3. Sarah says:

    I love these little interviews you do!

    Really cool!

  4. Rachel says:

    is that really you Amy? would never have guessed! thanks again for doing this sweetie

    and Sarah thank you my darling

  5. Amy says:

    *Shifty eyes*

    Shush 😉

  6. Sophie Brown says:

    Well done rachyy am soo proud!!!!!

  7. Rachel says:

    thank you my darling
    by the way guys can you all PLEASE follow sophie’s official Young Ambassador 2012 twitter as she is YA for sport in the Wear and Tees Valley district for the 2012 Olympics.

  8. Rachel says:

    Love you Amy…. and I would kill you, but I’m over being pissed about my age to be honest… Up, up and away with the future I say!

    And great interview Rachel. And Christ, Amy must have a great time getting the two of us mixed up…

  9. I love it, as ever, I always look forward to a read of your blog! xx

  10. Rachel says:

    rachel- oh i know but i know too many amy’s aswell!
    thank you my darling.
    kirsty- thanks my sweets

  11. Emma says:

    God how inspirational is Amy?? Thanks for doing the interview Rachel!

  12. Rachel says:

    thank you emma, i know shes a little star

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