Halloween inspiration

Happy Sunday my lovelies, it’s been a mad old week and I still can’t believe some of the things that I have done such as BNTM Live and some things that I’m planning that I’m going to keep a secret for now.

Happy Halloween

So today it is of course Hallowe’en, and I’m not out to town or at a social function (sic). However I did have a couple ideas which I might use next year or the next time an occasion calls for fancy dress.

My first main costume idea was to be a kitty of the luxe velvet variety as opposed to the PVC distasteful variety that you usually see parading around your local town.  I really love Masquerade style masks and am considering having that theme for my next birthday

My other big option which didn’t really seem “halloween-y” enough was Marie Antoinette. As well as masquerade masks I love period costumes and the mass of fabrics. It’d be a bit hard to manoeuvre a big skirt though so maybe a shortened version would be best.

An obvious favourite of mine is Alice, I just love all the magic of the story. The one thing I’d never do though is where one of those pants flashing costumes, that just ruins Wonderland for me. I’d have to have a knee length dress.

I should really show you some of my costumes but I’m afraid that they’re so short that I wouldn’t be leaving much to the imagination. What are you wearing then?

Reminder– Please take a look, comment and spread the word about Butterfly Day on 4th November to spread awareness for Lupus



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One Response to Halloween inspiration

  1. ladderedtights says:

    Did you see Alexa Chung as Marie Antoinette? She looked really good!

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