Oo La La

Bonjour my pretties, it’s been a few weeks since I did an outfit post so here’s what I wore yesterday.

For those not from North East England, I have had it drummed into me that yesterday was An Important Day. To me though it was simply a football match between Sunderland and Newcastle and what follows is unnecessary rivalry and petty hatred. Some may say that I stupidly decided to hop from Sunderland to Newcastle to fraternize with the enemy in the form of my lovely Raych. Yeah boo hiss, etc.

My dad decided the other night that when I wear a slouchy woollen beret I look French, so yesterday I decided to put together this french inspired outfit. Raych said I looked like a sophisticated Parisian tourist when she first saw me tottering down the street which is a step up from “yer look french in that daft hat”. I spiced it up a bit with purple tights and black knee highs to break up the monochrome.

The thing I love most about this striped skirt is that it had braces attached. I wore them down because with them over me it made the skirt quite short. I wore my trusty shearling boots which seem to be attracting a lot of attention at the minute. For everyone that has asked they were from New Look.

I bought this quirky little owl necklace brooch from Outfit when I met up with my college friend Catherine on Friday. I love the pearl beading around it, it goes well with my usual addition of pearls and could work well with a more relaxed outfit too.

Since last week at BNTM I have been attempting my own variation on smoky eyes. I’ve never really been brave enough to try out bold make up so this is a big step up for me. I don’t really like using  eye liner that much so I’ve outlined my eyes with a darker eye shadow I’m using Bourjois make up including the smoky eyes set. I have quite big eyes already so I love how much huger they’ve become. This is quite an appalling photograph for me, but at least it proves that not all bloggers shop themselves. You can also see my “french hat”.


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PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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