Old School

Today I got bored of shopping in my city and ventured to Sea Road, the surrounding area is slightly more well off than the rest of this side of the city so you can often find some lovely things in the charity shops and Vintage shop Corner 93.

I purchased my Red Topshop mac from there a while ago and love visiting it. The shop is always so gorgeous and there is always 40’s and 50’s songs playing

Some shots of the interior of the shop. I never fail to spot great vintage and designer goodies, so what did I get today? I hear you ask:

This quaint 195o’s/60’s school satchel, it’s real leather complete with the quality stamp which always has me sold on vintage bags!

As usual myself and my Nana tried to imagine the story behind it and we decided it could’ve belonged to a private school child or a girl living her dreams and starting college or drama school.

It even has a little place for a name card, how cute is that?

I bought some navy pinstriped shorts yesterday and found that my ridiculous derrière has grown again, I am now a size 12 in that region where elsewhere I still remain a size 8/10. But I’m not fretting though. I love my bum!

I felt massively hipster taking the outfit shots because as well as owning a satchel, wearing a shorts, leggings and blazer combo and not being able to look at the camera,  I was also listening to the smiths (I’ve liked them for years though know more than just the charmed theme tune though so that doesnt count)

I’m also wearing my trusty boyfriend blazer, a pale green tee, leggings and a thin scarf as it’s quite close to the sea front (as the name suggests) The brooch on my blazer lapel is vintage courtesy of Little Deer

This is probably the least girly outfit I’ve worn in a while but I do love wearing shorts and tights/ leggings. I’ll be making them more feminine with courts and a lovely autumn jacket though.

If you’re nearby or visiting Sunderland and love a bit of vintage like me please do try and get to Corner 93, which is 93 sea road. And don’t forget to tell me about your bargains!


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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One Response to Old School

  1. Heather says:

    Love your post 😀 That shop looks fab, would love to rummage – maybe one day if I venture to Sunderland have to check it out, thx for the tip.
    Loved your ideas behind the previous owner of the satchel, I often think in charity shops, especially when you see a collection, you know they have been someone ones treasures.

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