Made In Newcastle Launch day

I know it’s a long time coming and I’m sorry to all concerned. So Saturday was the launch of a fantastic new project in Newcastle.

Made In Newcastle is a pop up shop occupying a four storey empty space, it incorporates everything aspiring designers need to help achieve their goals. A shop, meeting place, sewing space and exhibition space. The project aims to show what the city really has to offer, rebelling against the monopolization of society.

As soon as I entered the shop I knew it was something special, starting with the window displays

The downstairs space is split into two, the first space is for designers to sell their products from cushions to bunting, necklaces to comics there are so many fantastic pieces and ranges, heres a few shots

I know the images aren’t crystal clear but I don’t want to offend any designers by putting their work out onto the great interwebs.

The second half of the downstairs is a communal area with sewing machines and refreshments all served in china cups.

They served officially the best cake ever (IMO), It wasnt actually made of sponge so as a ceoliac I loved it.

The wall of the cafe was to begin with a blank wall, but it quickly became a giant mishmash of images oozing personality and creativity thanks to the DoodleJam

Where’s my offering? I hear you ask, well…

So this is what I decided would best represent Mon Polkadot Cheri, see the match stick girls wearing a Beret and everything.

I did make a few little purchases, here they are

This is actually a cover for a bar of chocolate, the chocolate was quickl consumed but how quaint is this?

I also bought a gorgeous gold biird necklace but the picture quality is dire so shall shoot that as soon as I can.

For the next week I shall be away from the internet a little bit but shall still be trying to post and have a few guest posts for you lovely lot, please keep reading




About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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2 Responses to Made In Newcastle Launch day

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  2. Hi Rachel,
    I wonder if we could ask a favour of you – to update the links to the MiN site on this page (and any other articles) to
    Thanks for writing about us and best wishes,
    Paul Thompson (MiN)

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