fuzzy headed musings

This week my health has really taken the water- for those who don’t know I have Lupus which is triggered by heat- when I haven’t been sleeping I’ve had low blood pressure resulting in a quite frankly mental temperature tally and to top it all off have fainted, twice. So with that in mind I’m putting blogging on the back burner for a little bit as my best friend and mother have ordered. I thought I’d leave you with some sneak peeks and things that have kept me going.

This is the Doodle Jam which was created at the Made In Newcastle pop-up shop launch yesterday. The shop is such an amazing place for designers in the north east and I hope to be doing some pr work with them when I’m back to my usual self.

Summer makes me yearn for picnics and tea parties, I really want to decorate my room with bunting and almost bought some yesterday from Crafternoon, so if anyone would like to make me some feel free! Infact it may come in handy for something myself, Nikki, Polly and Sarah are cooking up.

On Wednesday it was one year since someon very dear to myself and alot of people I know in the McFly community’s passing. Her funeral song was The Last Song and Tom from the band posted this in her memory.

A bit of Rita Hayworth love, there’s a tumblog dedicated to her an everything, I wish I was in the 40’s and 50’s *sigh*

So I shall bid you aduei my darlings I shall be back properly in a few days when I’m a bit better. Until then just assume I’m sleeping.



About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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  1. Rest in Peace, Serah; all the love in the world, Rachel xxx

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