All work and no play

It seems lately that I’ve either been working my socks off or stuck in doors under the weather, so today with the sun high in the sky I decided enough was enough and went for a walk to a vintage shop. And here’s what I wore

I featured the Playsuit in a post last week and I wore it today for the first time, I regretted wearing tights with it in the heat but its quite revealing with its low neckline to start with so I didn’t want to flash too mush flesh. Im basically living in the boyfriend blazer at the minute too, it’s so comfy!

I kept my accessories quite classic; lots of pearls and gold rings, black brogues- officially the comfiest shoe ever– and these amazing floral sunglasses courtesy of the lovely Maeve who I made a girl a couple of weeks ago.

The thing I love abou this outfit the most though is that you can see both my tattoos, the first one doesnt get seen that often as its on my right thigh and I don’t exactly wear hotpants everyday do I?

The one on my thigh says “It’s not how you leap, it’s how you land” from one of my favourite songs refuse to lose by Gary Go. The one on my arm is part of a TWLOHA quote and says “Remember the stars”

For the walk home I bought some Love Hearts because I couldn’t remember the last time I’d eaten them but I was a bit disappointed in them.

It was a nice trip out of the house though which brings me onto my last thing; I’m no longer going to GFW as it’s not really financially viable and was causing a few arguements at home. Obviously I’m sad but it’s not the end is it? Onwards and upwards!


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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