Old, new and wow

Good afternoon, I hope you’ve all fully recovered from the Bank holiday weekend by now- unless you’re my sister who was at work for 6am this morning- so I thought I would post some lovely rambling for your eyes and ears

As of last week and my newest venture as intern on Altsounds Wednesday’s are new fave band day. This week I have a couple of offerings for you

Jahcoozi are a dubstep group who I will be reviewing on the site next week, I love this cover of the cures close to me. But just as a warning this isn’t the actual video so does contain the same flash animation over and over again.

Stornoway are becoming more known but I adore their sound, quite like Mumford and sons their songs just make me feel summery.

I was on facebook last night browsing through my tagged images- tempted to untag quite a few but I decided not to- when I found a few pictures of me when I was knee high to a grass hopper lovingly tagged by my cousin. Said cousin was born 1994 so didn’t feel the full cringey effects of 90’s fashion.

Anyway introducing Vintage Rach

#01- I’m in your church ruining the happiest day of your life

I was about a year and a half here and the bride and groom are my Aunt and Uncle- stragenly they still speak to me after this incident- to cut a long story short which is told at many a family meet up I was bridesmaid but didn’t want to have to walk out last so paraded out before anyone else.

#02- lets all at least try to pretend that Grandas costume makes him look like Santa

We have this tradition in our family where my Granda dresses as Santa every christmas and gives us our presents. This me (with the curles ginger hair) and an assortment of cousins. From me being around 3-10 my mother loved dressing me and my sister in the same outfits for special occasions, complete with matching hair- yes even the fringe.

And finally I recieved some very exciting news yesterday, I’d won two tickets to theGala show at Graduate Fashion Week. Meaning next Wednesday I’m embarking on another trip to LDN, this time using the tube aswell. This is my first proper fashion event- because let’s face it the backyard show wasn’t really an event was it- so I’m a bit nervous, I’m taking my notebook to look professional though. I really dont know what to wear though, so any advice would be fantastic!


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PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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1 Response to Old, new and wow

  1. Steph says:

    haha I noticed the thing you said about your mum dressing your sister and you the same. My mum used to do that with me and my brother, I’d have a dress and he would have a matching vest in the same material…weird lol

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