Sex & the city 2, oh lordy

Before I start this I want to say that I’m yet to see the film and was mildly curious mainly because of the outfits, y’know my inner fashion writer was screaming with joy. But I’m slowly starting to really change my mind.

The series was fantastic, when it first started it was completely unheard of for a tv show to exist around four women and their sex lives, alot of people wrote it off as almost soft porn I guess but it was so much more than that. Yes it was about sex but not simply the hot raunchy stuff, it was about sexual empowerment for women, being proud of who you are and not being afraid of what others thought of you. It made it eaier for alot of women to actually talk about sex with their friends.

The first film was where it started going downhill, the characters began to lose who they were and the storylines began to get a little ropey, it became less about empowerment and more about Oh My God we are 40 year olds and we can’t die alone or look our ages cos that is wrong.

Is it really that wrong? really? I know I’m only 21 but *heaven forbid* if I’m still single at 40/50/ whatever I would be holding my head with pride not running around sad and desperately trying not to age.

So onto the second film. I honestly think this is a sequel for the sake of a sequel. I was excited to see it as I said and was supposed to see it last Friday but sickness squashed that plan. My first issue with the film was the poster

What is this seriously? Is it a human? I thought the whole premise of the show was being proud of your body and who you were?

So onto the movie, I’m yet to see it myself so here are two of many bad reviews from youtube

This is the ever straight talking Bangs and a Bun, my current blog obession if I’m honest

(yeah Muireann you might want to change your locks now)

This is another I found on youtube by Gina at Haunted Flower

Honestly stick with this one, I know you wont want to when it starts, but do. Yes she knows even less about the show than me, I know.

So yeah there it is, I’m still to see this film. We shall see but I can’t see it.


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