Beautiful Belle

This time last week saw the sad departure of one of my favourite characters ever, Belle De Jour.

There was always a lot of controversy surrounding Secret Diary of a Call Girl, mainly because it was seen to glamourise the sex trade meaning that it did become grittier in the second and third series’ but the fourth series retuned to its fabulous best.

Admittedly one of the first blogs I ever read was Belle De Jour and along with the obvious amount of sex it gave you great insights into her world and at times even inspired me (NOT in that way, not that theirs anything wrong with that).

More than anything Belle was a woman who knew what she wanted, has her own strong opinions and wasn’t pushed into the job. When her identity was revealed she was seen to be an intelligent funny woman who campaigned for women’s rights (specifically women in the sex trade but still). To me that is a real feminist.

Ultimately my favourite thing about the series was the outfits, my most loved being the above outfit from the New York episode. Massive skirt which I’m guessing is Vivienne Westwood, sequined US flag crop top with floral scarf- it shouldn’t work in the slightest but I think it looks amazing. The other images in this post show my other memorable outfits from the series.

I was sad to see the series end but the real Belle, Brooke Magnanti (above with Billie) is an avid tweeter so there’s another for you all to follow!


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2 Responses to Beautiful Belle

  1. Hannah says:

    I’m going to miss the show, I really did enjoy it! Have you read the books because they’re really good. You should also see the film, Belle de Jour which is where I think Brooke got her name from. It’s about a French wife who become a prostitute but she only does it during the day hence the name. I love the same outfit too but I did think it was trying to be a bit Carrie Bradshaw when she wore a similar skirt and a Dior tshirt, the fashion was gorgeous in the show though, so many beautiful clothes!!!

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  2. I really need to watch the last few series… the final series was so good! Why didn’t you force me to read it sooner?!


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