Birthday withdrawl

Hello, hello lovely people. As alot of you know, the weekend just gone was my birthday so I thought I’d share a bit of it with you now. And I’ll state now hat this post contains MCFLY TOUR SPOILERS (HRRRRRNNNNK!) as I know some of my fan friends read this who havent seen the tour yet and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.

On Thursday night I stayed at my friend LK’s house, the next day was Comic Relief and the girls (Em, 6 and B, 7)had to “do something funny for money” so they went to school wearing their onesies with red sticky out hair and brightly coloured spots and stripes on their faces.

On Friday afternoon I got on a train to Sheffield to see Amy CT and my beloved McFly.

Me and Amy are known in our circle as having far too many private jokes, when we get together we tend to babble a lot of random nonsense. Our birthday cards to each other (as Amy’s was on Friday but a lot more low key) were quite similirly covered in quotes and silly sayings though hers was far more colourful.

And here, is where I get a wee bit fangirly. On Friday night I saw McFly with Amy CT, her friend Katie and Katie’s sister Ellie. This was the first night of their first tour in two years (and my 6th time seeing them live) and they were as amazing as always. There were alot of surprises in the set including the song the shot above was from. In present weeks Dougie the bassist has been in rehab so it was his first gig back and you could tell he was so happy to be back. I also saw some of my friends from all over the country who I don’t get to see that often. My Durham friends Linz and Gem bought me glowsticks bracelets for my birthday which made me giggle.

On Saturday I returned to Newcastle for my birthday night out, it ended up being just myself and LK but we still went all out with the big hair, extreme makeup and figure hugging dresses. We also had props, 1950’s cigarette holders which at the beginning of the night were Audrey Hepburn style but towards the end became reminiscent of Cruella De Ville.

I had a lovely and more chilled birthday, despite travelling halfway down the country, I loved seeing my favourite band and spending lots of time with my favourite people.

Thank you everyone for my birthday wishes and gifts

REMINDER- HotJoolz competition closes tomorrow, quick!


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2 Responses to Birthday withdrawl

  1. IdaPida says:

    that wasn’t a massive spoiler though 🙂 so i didn’t mind reading it.

    glad you have a good birthday weekend, far better than mine was anyway hehe.

  2. I can’t believe I’ve only just seen this post! The tour was just amazing; I really can’t believe how much I enjoyed it! Thank you for coming with me.

    And, again, happy birthday, FISH! 🙂 x

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