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Hi folks, I’ve been consistently bad at posting of late and like I said last week I’m going to stop apologising. Today though I’m going to let you back into my life, it’s my birthday on Saturday so the last minute arrangements are being made and my Mam took me shopping for some presents today.

I’m not going to show you everything that I bought just yet but look at the beautiful prints, Spring has sprung my friends! I’m loving how the season is slowly changing and new season lines are floating in, quite literally. Chinos, chiffon shirts and big lady like skirts are all top of my S/S11 wishlist.. which i being topped by this big floppy Topshop hat.

Last week was a mixed bag for me, whilst having fun with my family and friends I also found out something which has affected me badly but I won’t wrote about that here as I don’t think its fair to those involved. I’m a big believer in fate, I know there will be some sceptics out there but hear me out, by finding out what I did I can move forward with my life and these past few days I have done that. I have spent a lot of time with my lovely friend LK and her gorgeous little girls, made big plans and becme happier simply because I have chose to be. So yes I do believe in fate, what goes around comes around and everything happens for a reason.

Now happy thoughts- I have some big news which is not yet definate but I can share what I do know. The Newcastle events and lifestyle company NE1 have big plans for my homeland, in May they are planning the very first Newcastle Fashion Week and I jumped at the cance to be involved. I will hopefully be working behind the scenes on this amazing event and can’t wait to to tell you all more. To find out about it visit the NE1 page

As I mentioned at the top of the post it’s my birthday on Saturday, I turn the grand old age of 22. Usually my birthday is planned and executed like a military operation and it more than slightly gets on my Best Friend and Sister’s nerves (understatement of the century) so as this past year has been massively hectic I decided that this year my bithday would be a very chilled occassion, as opposed to last years four day spectacular. So this weekend will involve seeing my favourite band live, a night out with my closest friends, catching up with those who can’t be there and a girly day with LK and her girls. I can’t believe I am saying this but I’m looking forward to just going with the flow.

And finally, my laptop gave up the fight tonight and its being admitted into techno hospital tomorrow. At the minute I’m using my Daddy’s really pants one but it will do. Over the years I’ve began to slowly come to terms with the fact that me and technology do not mix so from now on I can be contacted solely via carrier pigeon.

Love as always


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PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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