Happy 100th International Women’s Day

Today March 8th celebrates 100 years of International Women’s Day and a lot had happened over the past century but it’s not the end, we’re far from giving up. There are those that disagree with this day and say that women already have equal rights in society.

If women weren’t threatened with redundancy simply by fulfilling a basic human function such as reproducing. If rape was taken more seriously and 70% of rape crimes ended in conviction instead of the other way around. If women were equal to men we wouldn’t need this day to raise awareness would we?

A lot of people argue that feminism is rare to come by nowadays and with women who use their sexual exploits to gain fame dominating the press. The thing that shocks me the most is that women who have took control of their lives are scorned for saying they too are feminists- purely because they work in fashion. I sense this myself sometimes in the industry, but why should I? Just because I take care of my appearance (mostly) and encourage others to do the same I obviously want to attract men and in turn find a husband to fulfill my life goals. This is clearly not the case and I’m sure regular readers will know that. Is it a crime against my gender to like the way I look and cheer myself up by looking good?

Google dedicated its homepage to IWD

I couldn’t put it simpler than what I have on my twitter bio

I’m a feminist but not in the burning of bra’s way. I get Manicures, swear and can talk openly about sex. That’s modern feminism my friend.

The fact is Feminism has evolved in the last century and thats only a good thing, we no longer need to burn our bras or fight for our votes and we have our beautifully strong fore-mothers to thank for that. With female bloggers holding more power than ever we finally have our voices to use for good.




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3 Responses to Happy 100th International Women’s Day

  1. Absolutely. I wrote something along the same lines for the In Her Own Words blog series yesterday. I argue that women need to stop putting other women down and start supporting and celebrating each other.
    It’s here if you are interested:

    I hope this doesn’t look spammy, just wanted to share.

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