Obscure Couture- Fashion Mavericks

During LFW I attended Fashion Mavericks with the BSB team. I shall be writing more about that soon but for now I wanted to share my favourite show and new designers from Fashion Mavericks, Obscure Couture

Obscure Couture is a new womenswear label which gives street wear a theatrical edge. They combined leather with lace, urban with glam, metallics with florals- everything which was made to contradict the other to create a beautiful mismatch. The designers are Glaswegians Lyndsay and Jenn, both kooky, straight talking and ridiculously gracious ladies who I couldn’t help but love. We really hit it off and I’m glad we’re friends now!

The Lookbook for their latest range Flesh & Bone is available here but I thought I’d show you a few of my favourite shots from it:

“Ulna” playsuit with “Mandable” skirt on top

“Incus” gold leather jumpsuit with Bonnie Bling cameo

“Maxilla” lace evening gown with “Xiphoid” waspie

“Carpal” parachute dress, “Glabella” grey and pearl hood with Bonnie Bling Knuckle dusters


All the jewellery pieces including the massive knuckle dusters are by the girls’ friends Bonnie Bling who are definately worth a look.

Obscure Couture also have a Facebook page


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One Response to Obscure Couture- Fashion Mavericks

  1. More of my images of Obscure Couture from their Fashion Mavericks show here


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