LFW- the outfits and friends

Hi everyone, I know I’ve had a bit of a blog lull- I didnt get home til Webnesday, an have been a combination of ill and exhausted since- but I’m back with more LFW shennanigans. I’ll do more about the shows I attended and collections I saw tomorrow but back to day 2 here’s what I wore

I love having family who work in high street shops, this dress believe it or not is from Matalan but I received compliments a-plenty. The scarf is Soph’s and these are my high fashion event shoes, suffice to say I swapped into my emergancy flats later on (a must for LFW)

Whilst hanging out with Sherin and Hannah, H took our outfit shots for us (in a stylish location of a bathroom, yeah) I adore Sherin’s cape from Asos and her new hair from Toni and Guy.

I’d love to say that we were being fabulous and schmoozing in the press lounge but this picture shows otherwise.

I met Amy CT at embankment after and we geekily went to 221b Baker Street, I wonder who lives here?

On Sunday, before I met up with Amy CT, Nicole and Susie for Fashion Mavericks I had some time to kill so wandering around the vast exhibitions I found Paperself, an eyelash company making amazing designs from paper. I saw what I think looks like a butterfly design (according to the website they’re Peacock feathers, oops!) and knew that was the one for me. What do you think?

♥ Blazer- George @ Asda ♥ Anchor print scarf- Primark ♥ Bow ring- Primark (in a set of three) ♥ City shorts- New Look ♥ Knee high socks- Primark ♥ Shearling boots- New Look ♥

You can see my outfit for the 3rd day in this photo of myself, Amy an Nicole in the courtyard of Somerset House. Again I didn’t push the boat out with ridiculously priced outfits, I found the shorts on a lat minute shopping trip on thursday and knew I wanted to go for a girly yet relaxed tailored look.

As mentioned before I went for a complimentary treatment at Toni & Guy. I wanted to keep my length, get rid of the split ends and give it more volume and I love the outcome. In the words of Galinda “Toss Toss! You can also see Soph flitting about in the background!

As we have supported Fashion Mavericks since it’s very first season, Jacqueline endured to get us on Front row for every show. You can see my big hair a lot better in this photo with Susie and Amy.

♥ Floral Shrug- Matalan ♥ faux pearl earrings- Primark ♥

Soph caught me tucking into crisps waiting for the next show. Actually Soph and Amy were determined to snap me eating, so much so that every time I lifted a crisp to my mouth one of their lenses were aimed at me! With friends like these huh?

I made a lot of lovely friends in London and many contacts too which I shall be telling you about very soon

Love as always

Photo credits- Amy, Paperself, Hannah, Soph, Susie


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3 Responses to LFW- the outfits and friends

  1. Sherin says:

    Fashion Week is defintiely a lot of fun. It was great to finally meet up! Ad the Paperself lashes looked fabulous. Here’s to the next LFW!

  2. Filipa says:

    I need to be at next LFW! NEED! haha.. You look beautiful in all picture, too bad there aren’t some of your food ones 😛 Where did you get that blue big bag?- it’s perfect!

  3. Rachel says:

    Sherin- I loved your lashes too
    Fillipa- The bag is Pauls Boutique, it’s called Maisy Large buuuut I believe Primark do a rip off. And you should definately apply next season, you never know!

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