Nature Made Us Beautiful- blogger challenges 2 and 3

Hi Everyone it’s been quite busy around here so I have only just had a chance to do the NMUB challenges.  Just to remind you all our campaign aim is to call on the media to diverisify their portrayl of women, because we’re all beautiful. You can find out more about the who we are and what we want to do HERE

Challenge 2- Who needs Make-up?

Part of our grand plan is to hold a national no make-up day but for now we would just like you to do a post showing yourself without makeup. We understand this can be hard but we know you’re beautiful to start with! You can see me sans make-up in the video above, complete with cracked tooth, but here’s a closer shot

This photo is almost a year old, I admit it but you can still see everything clearly. I have a faint red rash across my nose and cheeks because of my lupus and I’ve had acne since I was twelve. As I’m naturally ginger I have really light eyelashes but I really like my eyes. Quite badly of me I don’t often take pictures for the blog or go out without make-up on but it’s not something I hate doing. I’m me after all.

Challenge 3- Outfit Love

Everyone has an outfit that makes you feel special, happy and confident, so we want you to show us yours. Maybe you wore it on the happiest day of your life, when you needed confidence or just something you absolutely love. So here’s mine

I bought this dress last January and I think this picture was taken shortly after. For me this dress symbolised change and a turning point in my life. I’d had a pretty bad six months leading up to it but on that day I woke up and I knew my life was going to get better but only if I let it. I don’t own the dress anymore as my derrière grew bigger than it but every time I wear the cardigan and see this photo of me I can’t help but smile and feel hopeful.

So over to you. to submit your posts You can visit our tumblr or email us at

And remember as Taylor Swift said

you’re beautiful, every little piece love


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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One Response to Nature Made Us Beautiful- blogger challenges 2 and 3

  1. Chloe says:

    great outfit!! lovely


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