Like the back of my hand

My hands aren’t something I generally do a full post about but lets see how this goes

I’ve wanted a scrabble ring forever, possibly even before Pixie Lott had one and I finally got round to getting one last week from the lovely Deliciious Secrets, the black stoned ring was a christmas present from my parents. Last manicure I got my nails far too long and eventually four of them snapped, so this time I went much smaller. Since I’m going to Fashion Week (have I mentioned that at all? Only a hundred times? Oh Ok) I wanted a fairly neutral colour which will go with all my looks. On friday however I’m also seeing Wicked for the first time so although I prefer green, this shade of pink shows off my Wicked love too. I also picked up the Eiffel tower necklace from Deliicious Secrets too. I do love my hand candy though.

Tomorrow is a Very Big Day for me, it’s my first interview at one of my university choices and although I’m very nervous I’m trying to be positive too. I also still have so much to do before London; planning, shopping, writing and more planning!

I’m going to end with a quote from my new favourite film today, I think it rings true with all playwrights

“If you write a story, you only have to say the word “castle,” and you could see the towers and the woods and the village below, but in a play, it’s different… It all depends on other people.”

Briony Talis- Atonement





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PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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