Panda Coffee

Hi everyone, at the weekend I visited Amy CT in Sheffield and it was absolutely lovely. The main reason for the trip was to launch our brand new campaign Nature Made Us Beautiful which we are so proud of so far. But of course we also had a brilliantly funny time.

Since starting working for BSB, Amy has become one of my closest friends. One of the main reasons for this is, aswell as being very passionate about what we do, we also share the same silly sense of humour.

Thought I’d share a few random pictures with you all

  1. we hate pears
  2. NMUB planning taking over the kitchen table
  3. Nature Made Us Beautiful on Amy’s bathroom door
  4. Everyone on the blogsphere thinks Amy is highly professional, yeah you’re wrong
  5. BSB head office 1
  6. Love heart plasters
  7. There’s a meme on Tumblr that is a Koala and Tea meaning quality, someone once thought it was Panda Coffee so we thought this was hilariously hipster
  8. Our team name at the pub quiz with Amy’s friends on Sunday night. We lost as we insisted one of the five things you find on someone’s finger was moustache not cut.
  9. On Monday morning we were treated to Fancie. Cupcakes, we had tea with mismatched china and stirred our tea like we were in one of our favourite films Atonement.
  10. Amy said in her post about Fancie. that the interior was a “significantly more cleaner” version of my brain.
  11. Amy has lots of Doctor Who, Silent Witness and inspirational quote pictures all over her room, this is our favourite motivational image.

About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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