When Rachel met Alisha White

I have always loved America’s Next Top Model and the British counterpart, Britain’s Next Top Model. Cycle six on BNTM was unforgettable. This was the series when Supermodel Elle Macpherson took the reigns and brought with her three new judges- stylist Grace Woodward, designer Julien Macdonald and model Charley Speed. To fit it rightly the girl’s were fiercer than ever, and none more so than runner up Alisha White.

Myself and Alisha with another BNTM 6 girl, Amelia

I was lucky enough to meet Alisha at BNTM Live and she was charming, funny and loving whilst still staying focussed. Since then I have kept in contact with her on twitter (she’s@AlishaWhite_) and last week interviewed her to give you all an insight into the self proclaimed Diva’s life.

Why did you initially enter BNTM?

I didn’t Enter BNTM myself someone entered for me. For someone to think I would be successful in a contest like that warms my heart. I didn’t want to let that person down so I went to all the castings and finally got through to the show.

What were your high and low points whilst in the competition?

Highs of the contest is being with all the famous people and all the people from the industry. Going to different places in the world, wearing Divaish things, getting your make-up done everyday and turning into someone different for the day. And Most of all being with Elle as I love her sooo MUCH! Lows are you only get to speak to your family every ten days for three minutes. Complete joke! And sometimes the other girls could be annoying but other than that there’s not much Lows.

What do you think your strengths and weaknesses are as a model?

My strengths are that I work Verrrryyy HARD on my projects; Photoshoots, any Press work! I love letting people know who I am as a person, Its very important I show myself in a bright light because I understand that there are a lot of young females that look up to me. I’m a people person, people Love being around me and I’m not BORING!  My only Weakness is that sometimes my temper can get the better of me but I’m working on that.

Could you explain to my readers what “the fire” is?

The Fire LOL! The fire is something everyone has. She’s my Alter Ego. Mum said I’ve had her from the age of about 10. When I have a photoshoot or there’s a camera in front of me something CLICKS in my head and I become the fire, it’s crazy. She REALLY Kicks me up the bum and switches on the fire and PUSHES me to the limits where I just become her! I love Her,  SHE DOESN’T care what people think she just does her.

What would you do for a living if you couldn’t model?

I Think I would work with youths. I love helping people, I was working with them before I went into BNTM and I loved it. But we was doing fun stuff like styling. I LOVEEE style and fashion… maybe I would be a stylist!

How would you describe your style?

I’m a funny lttle one…my style changes with my mood. However right now I’m loving animal prints, leather, funky leggings and High Heels. OMG I LOVE HIGH HEELS! I hope the next question is about high heels [Is Lish Psychic?]

What is your fashion guilty pleasure?

HIGHHHH HEEEELLLSSSSSS!!! I’m 5,10 but  I flipping Love them, they’re like serious problem in my life.

What is your number one tip for feeling good about your body?

Love the bits you hate… find something great you like about it. You’re the only person that looks like you in the world and that’s good enough for me! Unless your a twin and even then they have differences. Always embrace yourself.

What advice would you give to anyone wishing to break into the industry?

Have a thick skin and keep your head up. Have a dream, make it into a goal and make it real!

What would your dream modelling campaign be?

I would love to have a high street brand first because I want young females to feel like they can afford what I’m wearing. I love high fashion and I think Pucci or Roberto Cavalli because I LOVE him!

So finally, what’s next for you?

I have a advert coming out later this year on Sky… wooop! I’m also bring out a small brand for my young females….but its on the hush hush. Looking forward to working with great brands “names to be confirmed” and I’m loving my Modelling career right now. I’m blessed for this and the support I get. And I just want to give god thanks!


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