Getting shirty

Hi everyone, how are we all?

My lovely Raych sent me this on Wednesday and it really made me smile

I don’t think I have a signature style but I think my friends would say I’m generally a dresses and skirts girl, I love wearing heels and it’s very rare I’m dressed down. But during winter, I often just want to hibernate, and heels aren’t very practical. It was so frosty this week up north wasn’t it?!

♥ Shirt- H&M (sale!) ♥ Leggings- Primark ♥ Hair band- sister’s ♥ Pocket watch necklace- River Island ♥

I really love the girl’s in long shirts look, I found this one rummaging through the last of the H&M sale stock and was taken. I did check with my Dad that I didn’t look like Morrissey (we have a weird way of gauging outfits!) and passed that test so all was well.

I wore this outfit to college on Friday so set it off with my red thick framed specs. I am short sighted but not massively so, I wore them for college though as I haven’t been sleeping very well so my eyes were quite sore.

Nails of the week- they’re actually a lot more orange than they look, sort of a burnt look which I ove at the minute. I’m wearing my Dorothy Perkins Swallow ring too.

Myself and Amy CT are very excite because on Saturday we are relaunching our Nature Made Us Beautiful campaign, showing the media that we are beautiful just the way we are. You can follow us on tumblr or twitter. If you’d like a press release or any info on the campaign for your own blog or website email us on

Love as always


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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