Times like these we’ll never forget

If you follow me on twitter you will probably already know I did today (if that’s the case, humour me yeah?) but for those of you that don’t I’m going to show and tell you.

For four years now I have loved the band McFly; their evolving sound, seeing them live and the guys themselves. I have been lucky enough to see them live four times but have never met them…. until now. They have a new tour starting in March so this week they’re up and down the country promoting it in the cities the shows are in. I heard yesterday that they would be in Newcastle this morning so had to go. It was absolutely freezing but everyone else was lovely.

I’m not going to bore you all with all the teenie details, instead here are my pictures. Please bear in mind that it was really cold and windy! The picture’s have tags on so no-one pinches them- trust me it happens.

Me and Danny, he proved he can’t do a goerdie accent

With Tom. He was the first I spoke to so I was still all red faced.

Harry has always been my favourite and he was just lovely

Dougie was a little bit poorly and was really popular so I didn’t get a picture with him.

I’ve always been against meeting people I admire in case they ruin my image of them, but it really wasn’t the case with the guys. They were charming and funny, spoke to everyone they could and you could tell they were just so grateful to the fans for getting them where they are today. That and they were really good looking.

So who are your favourite band? Have you ever met them?



About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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4 Responses to Times like these we’ll never forget

  1. Katie says:

    Aw, Rach! I’m so happy for you. I’m so glad to hear that they were so lovely to you, and you look gorgeous in those pictures.

  2. I’m so stupidly happy for you 🙂

    My favourite band are the Dixie Chicks. I’ll never, ever meet them, because they’re so huge in America but if they ever play the UK again my Dad has promised we can go together. Because, you know, I’m that cool 😉


  3. Amazing and gorgeous photos! I have been a fan of Boyzone since I was 12 and met a few of them but not all members but they were as lovely as I though:) Well done!

    Carol x

  4. Helen says:

    Danny has so much foundation / fake tan on though. This makes me sad.

    Helen, X

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