Help: a Heart, Nominate your hero

Today is apparently the most depressing day of the year, I’m feeling alright though to be honest. This is because I am a Blogger Ambassador for Works with Water Nutraceuticals’ new campaign Help: a Heart.

Launching today; the campaign aims to encourage people to celebrate their unsung heroes and to help create a more social, considerate society for the New Year.

Every week for 4 weeks, everyone will be invited to nominate their own everyday heroes in their lives – the people that regularly perform acts of kindness that perhaps get taken for granted – and give their reasons why that person is special.

The most compelling entry each week will win an exclusive breakfast-in-bed Healthy Heart Warming Hamper, which will be delivered to the person they have nominated as their hero with a personalized note saying ‘you’re my hero’. The first winner will be chosen on Friday 21th January, with subsequent winners announced every Friday, ending 11th February.

To kick things off I would like to nominate my own unsung hero; my Mam. Since I was little I have been diagnosed with a lot of different things that have changed my life- from infantile Dyspraxia to Depression- but my Mam has always been there to look after me and bring me hope. When I was in hospital with Lupus she stayed with me for nearly a whole month. She isn’t without her own health problems but to her family means everything. I often don’t give my Mam the credit she deserves so it feels more than to nominate her for this.

You can nominate your hero in the following ways :·


♥ Please state who your your hero is, who your relationship is to them and why they deserve the prize in entries.♥

Help: a Heart, Nominate your Hero forms part of Works with Water’s wider campaign to raise awareness of the importance of looking after your own and your family’s heart health, as heart disease kills more people in the UK than any other condition. Throughout the duration of the 4 week campaign, Works with Water is offering 35% off both its 100% natural heart health supplements online – help: cholesterol and help: blood pressure.

Works with Water will donate 15% of profits during the campaign to Tiny Tickers (; a charity working for a better start for babies with heart disease before they are born.


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One Response to Help: a Heart, Nominate your hero

  1. I have nominated YOU. Because you are amazing and so, so inspiring and amazing. x

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