Friends old and new

Hi everyone, I apologise profusely for neglecting the blog this week. College deadlines and exams took up most of my energy. I only had one exam- English Literature which I think went alright- but I also helped my friends through a few.  After leaving my exam I also heard that I had an interview at one of my Uni choices, I’m really happy as I didn’t think I wouldn’t here back this early. After a quite stressing week I spent Friday and Saturday with a lot of my friends who I love dearly.

On Friday night I went for a catchup and drink in a local pub with my friends Sarah and Laura. We’ve known each other since secondary school but this was our first proper night out in nearly two years. Laura(with the brightly coloured hair) lives in Carlilse now so we don’t see her very often. Sarah on the other hand is now my sister’s best friend so I cant get rid of her! (I joke ofcourse)

I absolutely love Laura’s turquoise and pink hair, I wish I could pull off something like that.

After the pub myself and Sarah went into Sunderland city centre and things got very messy.

On Saturday daytime I met up with my twitter friend Verity for a Starbucks- with my hangover I needed one. I’d never met her before but since she goes to uni here and we’ve become quite close on twitter it was nice to meet her.

Saturday night was the Big Neet Oot (or night out if you’re not a geordie). I went out around newcastle with Raych and her friends.

The outfits-

♥ Dress- Matalan ♥ Tights- Emilio Cavallini for River Island ♥ Shoes- New Look ♥ Bracelet- Dorothy Perkins ♥ Swallow necklace- George @ Asda ♥ peacock ring- Primark ♥

I’ve never been on a full night out in Newcastle before so went with a fail safe LBD keeping my Jewellery and makeup  simple as the tights and shoes did all the talking. It was ridiculously windy so I left my hair curly.

Not wanting to miss out here is what Raych eventually decided on wearing. She’s a bit of an indie girl so this outfit looked gorgeous with her curls.

We met up with some of my new college friends from my art course too

It was Bronwyn’s birthday and she was out with a big group of her friends, she’s so little and sweet!

This is Sophie and she is my hair twin. We sing songs in geordie accent’s, which is what I think I’m doing in the photo.

Raych will be hereby known as The Geordie Wife. And this is probably the only decent picture I have of us.

These are our sexy faces, apparently. I had such a good weekend with everyone, exactly what I needed. I know a lot of you don’t like to read about bloggers lives, but lets face it we still have them and I wanted to show you all how lovely my friends are.

Sidenote- I also now have a Tumblr for MPC if you’d like to follow it.


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4 Responses to Friends old and new

  1. I’ve missed all my friends from home so much at uni, and from uni so much at home! Next year might kill me, in friend-missing terms 😉


  2. Rachel says:

    I should so visit you in Aussieland

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