As a redhead

Happy Sunday folks, how are we all?

For a few weeks now I have been thinking about changing my hair colour and finally took the plunge yesterday. My hair is naturally gingery- brown which I like but always felt a bit boring. I’ve been dying my hair since the age of 14 so had no qualms about actually using hairdye, it was just this time I knew I wanted a bright extreme red.

I used Superdrug Intense Colour in Hot Red, the box made it look a lot more redthan it came out but I think it looks a bit in-between Hayley Williams’ “Pressure red” and her bright orange. I was red during the Summer of 2009 and absolutely loved it but never this bright, I don’t know what it is about bright hair colours but for me it exudes confidence and always makes me smile when I see others pulling it off well.

This morning I awoke to a sight that I was becoming sick of

We had no snow yesterday but this seemed to have appeared overnight. I love snow, don’t get me wrong but I really dislike all the panic it buys with it. Buses should get decent tyres, people should wrap up warmer, shops should be prepared for the lull or panic buying, council’s should grit more and people should in general just stop moaning!

Ok rant over. Sorry for that everyone.

I would love my hair to eventually be this colour. So bright but would take alot of care.

I am especially loving Rihanna’s hair at the moment, there really is a red for every girl

“There is more, much more, to being a redhead than the color of one’s hair.”

(G. Adam Stanislav)

I think this quote is very true. You definately have to have the personality to go with being a natural or dyed redhead!





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PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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4 Responses to As a redhead

  1. IdaPida says:

    red ❤
    i've found this brand to have one of the best red hairdyes ever!
    i'm not sure if i've used this exact one, but these take well to almost any hair and it's veeery permanent.

  2. Rachel says:

    Ooo I like this one, I may end up with this one

  3. Selina says:

    Yep, love it! Perfect red for your complexion!

  4. Nikki says:

    I really do love your red hair! It just suits you so much, and it shows your playful side 😀

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