Grace Woodward refashions for Global cool

Britain’s Next Top Model Judge Grace Woodward is working with green Lifestyle organisation Global Cool to encourage people to refashion their old clothes this winter instead of buying new things and in turn, by dressing warmly turn down the heating at home to help the global climate.

By turning your heating down by just one degree you could save money on your heating bills each year, meaning you can afford that extra fashion treat this Winter.  By turning your heating down you can not only save money, you can look forward to healthier skin as central heating strips the skin of its natural moisture. By keeping your heating low you can enjoy healthy hydrated skin for the new year.

Global cool asked Grace; what are your top tips for customising a jumper. She said:

“Hard and fast graphics, or pockets and peter pan collars. I also love using embellishment like on the A-Z Dress I made with Richard Sorger. You can also layer up fabrics – so take a jumper, cut it so that it’s cropped and stitch in another layer under with something like chiffon. Try layering square shaped jumpers with tighter tops underneath.”

Below are Grace’s video tutorials for customising your jumper

Part one

Part two

Part three

To find out more visit Global Cool


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3 Responses to Grace Woodward refashions for Global cool

  1. I love Grace so I may just need to attempt customising a jumper – I have a funny feeling it may take me a few attempts though! Great post.

    Carol x

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