Your string of lights are still bright to me

Hi everyone, today was my first day back at college so things are getting busier here. I also have 2 assignments due, a loved one who isn’t at her best at the minute and a lot of fashion related things to do. I’ll try and keep you as updated as I can with everything on twitter but on here I’m only good for an outfit post.

♥Print long top- New Look  ♥ Green Cardigan- Peacocks  ♥ Leggings- Primark ♥ (probably), Boots- New Look ♥

♥ Teacup and saucer necklace- Accessorize ♥ Pearls- Dorothy Perkins ♥

♥ Big floral ring- Primark ♥ Cameo ring- My Nana’s ♥

This outfit is really comfy and slouchy though still quite girly and practical. Quite easily put together but still recieved compliments for the finishing touches.

I kept my make up quite light to go with the relaxed feminine wintry feel of the outfit and went for Coral in Gold Rimmel Lipstick instead of my usual bold coral lipstick.

I’ve decided that 2011 is the yea my life will change for the better, which will only come from hard work. So to kick that off I’m massively focussing on my college work and building my writing portfolio

To keep me inpsired and motivated I printed off six of my favourite BSB eBook covers during a break. You can check out all the eBooks here.

And lastly I want to explain the title of this post, as I know it doesn’t really have any relavance to the post. It’s a lyric from the Taylor Swift song Innocent, which although was written about Kanye West, is all about mistakes, forgiveness and believing in someone when others don’t which makes sense to me right now.

It’s all right, just wait and see
Your string of lights are still bright to me
Oh, who you are is not where you’ve been
You’re still an innocent.

Love as always


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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5 Responses to Your string of lights are still bright to me

  1. That song is basically my life in lyrics.

    And your life is already so different from when I first met you. I’m so proud of who you are now, and I think you are too. 2011 is going to be better than all that.

    I hope everything gets sorted soon – coursework is a major #fml, I know! 🙂

    Love you x

    • Rachel says:

      I absolutely adore that song. Thank you so much for helping me become who I am now. I can’t wait to see what next year brings us!


  2. Susie says:

    Those covers look so pretty hanging up on your wall!! Did you see the acoustic performance of Taylor doing “Back to December” mashed up with One Republic’s “Apologize?” So awesome. xx

  3. Bunny Darke says:

    Wow the ebook covers look AMAZING! 🙂 x

  4. Rachel says:

    Susie- I know, thank you s much for creating some of my favourite covers. Yes it was gorgeous.

    Bunny- I know right, I smile every time I see them

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