My Dream home

This afternoon, whilst quite bored, I watched a property show with my Mam. In this one a woman was looking for an apartment in Arrondissement 18 (the French for district) and I completely fell in love. It’s bit like London’s Soho as it is home to Arty and Creative types -and the Moulin Rouge!- but has lots of old town-houses converted into apartments. Parisian apartments are known to be alot smaller than ones in our country, especially Newcastle, but while you say small I say cosy. This may never happen but I’m going to show you what I would love my dream apartment in Arrondissement 18 to look like. I would love an apartment with a black balcony like this, the presenter of the show said she could only imagine someone standing looking out from it if they were wearing Chanel. I can totally see where she was coming from with that.

The Bedroom

Every since I was old enough to pick my own colours and design of my room I have wanted a bed like this. Myself and my cousin called them (and still do call them!) Princess beds, as they seemed the sort of bed that a princess could close the curtains of and hide away from the world. I think I would like the colour scheme of my whole apartment to be white with hints of colour in accessories and furniture, so in the bedroom I would have gold and cream accents.

In my bedroom at the minute I am forever leaving my wardrobe doors open, I love being able to see all my clothes, if pieces are folded away I often simply forget about them. So this is why this wardrobe with rails upon rails and boxes which are small enough for single pieces and shoes would be perfect. I’m quite OCD about my wardrobe so it is also categorized for seasons and occassions so what a lovely way to show it off.

The Office

Although I’d love to work from home at one point, I don’t really think I’d need much from an office. A laptop, notice board and some shelves would do me fine. As long as it still looked lovely, but maybe with blue touches instead of pink.

The Living room

I love old velvet sofa’s like this, I think my Nana had one with wooden arms in the 90s. I also really love the slate grey colour too.

If there’s one thing my living room would need, it would be bookshelves. Not only for my ridiculous collection of books- not only that I have right now but what I am bound to aquire on my travels-but also to keep my lovely little things on too like this one. I’d need somewhere for my teacup and birdcage after all!

The Kitchen

I am definitely not a gourmet chef so I would not need a huge kitchen with every foodie gadget under the sun. A simple kitchen with a cooker, dishwasher and fridge/freezer and microwave would serve me well. I love the little cooker bar in the middle, it makes everything a bit more sociable. Green kitchens always seem so fresh and cheery, though maybe not with a hangover.


When I planned on moving away from home and becoming a nanny, my bathroom in the house I would be living in had a free-standing roll top bath. Although my dreams of Nannying died my love for this style of bathtub did not. It would have gold taps and I could lay for hours in the bubbles.

So there you have it, that’s what my dream house would look like. What about you? Where would you love to live and what would your house look like?


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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9 Responses to My Dream home

  1. Sarah says:

    GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!

    PS. GREEN kitchen, Rachel, really? And I need a bigger desk. But apart from that, seriously, get OUT of my house! xxx

  2. Your bedroom and the bathroom are my dream rooms too! So light and airy…plus incredibly inspiring. What a wonderful post.

    Carol x

  3. Stunning! Your idea of a bedroom and bathroom are the same of mine, I am not sure I would ever leave that bathroom. What an inspiring post.


  4. YAY! I’m so glad I persuaded you to do this post! 🙂

    Your dream house is gorgeous – all of it! I love that you know exactly which city you want to live in, too – I haven’t got a clue, at the moment. The house front you’ve chosen is beautiful and all of the little bits inside are stunning… although I do have to agree with Sarah, that a bigger desk is necessary!!

  5. Rachel says:

    Carol- thank you so much for your comment, I dont think I’d ever leave the bath either!

    Amy- oh no I’ll have to copyright the post to you. Not only city, but district. though I’d be happy with any part of Paris. I see what you mean about the desk, all my clutter wouldnt fit on that little one

  6. Nikki says:

    gorgeous and inspring post rachel 🙂 I can just imagine you living in a place like that!

  7. Leia says:

    This house seems PERFECT! I especially love the bedroom.
    With all the inspiration clippings of interiors I save, I think I’m going to need about 50 dream houses to accomodate them all 😛

  8. Rachel says:

    Leia- Haha! I’m the same, tumblr and weheartit gives me so much inspiration

    Nikki- Aww thank you, you’d have to come visit me though

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