Big in 2011- Jessie J

Hi everyone, well the decorations have came down and it’s a new year. Today I want to share some of my new favourite artist that is already looking to be big in 2011.

This is Jessie J and as you can see this girl doesn’t take things lightly. Her sound is grimey with hard hitting lyrics about life and the troubles she’s gone through to get to where she is now.  Her look reflects her sound well, urban cool with a hint of girly accessories. Special mention has to go to her sharp hairdo, a slick bob do with a barrel fringe and straightened almost to a point.

Last October was a big month for Jessie, she performed for the whole weekend of Britain’s Next Top Model Live getting her sound to a whole new of fashion savvy fans. She headlined during the main show along with the finalists, although this could be a daunting experience for some Jessie displayed confidence and attitude way beyond her 22 years. She has since been chosen for the BRITs critic choice award and was nominated in MTV’s Top Tips of 2011.

Warning explicit video, if you’re offended by the F word don’t watch

In her latest single, Do it like a Dude is brutal and quite sexual, the message behind it being anything you can do I can do better, despite not having a male appendage. And suffice to say while it does contain a few F-Bombs the message stays strong and is as catchy as the heavy bass beats on the track.

The single is out now, whilst her album Who You Are is out 28th February. Jessie is also on Myspace and Twitter. Have you had a listen? What do you think? who do you think is goin to be big this year?



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