The Raven

A new short fashion film premiered on SHOWstudio this week, The Raven by Jez Tozer was inspired by the quote ‘black blacker than the blackest black” and, in some senses, gothica to create an ethereal and emotive look at the dark mood of A/W 2010 collections

The model in the film is Billie Piper. Although Billie hasn’t been seen in Fashion films before, it wasn’t a surprise to me as I think she’s capable of giving her best performance on anything she works in. In this video she is aware of the outfits she is wearing and her own body.

The outfits are dark, grimy and luxe all at the same time. In particular the hooded dress above. Instead of relying on the popularity of the actress in the film, it is all down to the outfits and setting, the use of just one room with a plain white wall is a huge contrast to the melancholy Billie portrays.

All images from Billie’s Moods

I have always loved Billie Piper, I was eight when she had her music career at first so looked up to her. As I grew up and she did too I realised how much pain she’d been through in her short life. So when she returned to the public eye I had a new found respect for her and her acting is brilliant, she really is a star.

Gratuitous love for Piper aside, this is a beautiful film


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3 Responses to The Raven

  1. Danni says:

    This film looks amazing – so artistic and dark. I’mma treat myself to watching it when I’ve finished my essay- thanks!


  2. Awesome! Billie looks fab.

  3. Rachel says:

    Danni- ooo what a lovely essay treat!
    Elizabeth- Doesn’t she just?

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