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Hi everyone, hope you’re all staying well in this fresh bout of winter. I myself have inevitably caught flu so am feeling a little sorry for myself. Nevertheless I’m still here with a lovely post.

Tattoos are always a talking point, they’re no longer reserved only for hairy bikers and sailors. Everyone from my ex army serving Grandad to my my little sister has one. But does that mean they are losing significance? Whenever I see one on someone I like to know the meaning behind it, but more often nowadays especially younger people reply “I liked it” liked being the operative word.

While I’m not denying that done tastefully tattoos can be beautiful I just can’t get my head around the idea that you would get something permanently etched on your skin just because you thought it was pretty or cool. Would you buy a bag and then never buy another for the rest of your life? Of course not.

After that paragraph- or rant- I thought it only right to explain why I got my two tattoos and what they meant to me.

My first tattoo reads “It’s not how you leap, it’s how you land” with a butterfly flying away. I got the tattoo in October 2009, just a month after my very personal mental breakdown. My whole life had turned upside down and I now had to pick up the pieces and restart my own life. In a way however awful this sounds, my breakdown gave me the perspective to realise what was important in life. The lyrics are from a Gary Go song entitled Refuse to lose and simply means that it doesn’t matter what you’ve been through it’s how you recover from it. The butterfly is the symbol for my Lupus.

I got my second tattoo in March this year. It says “Remember the stars”, it’s part of a quote by Renee Yohee the inspiration for To Write Love On Her Arms. It’s told that just before Renee was entered into rehab she told her counsellor a message to others suffering the same

“Tell them to look up. Tell them to remember the stars. The stars are always there but we miss them in the dirt and clouds. We miss them in the storms. Tell them to remember hope. We have hope.”

Again this tattoo is related to my depression but it’s even more about hope, it’s a reminder that there are always good things to smile about. Often even when the best things are happening in my life I can get bogged down by one tiny thing so as this is on my left arm I can always look at it and remember. This really was the perfect tattoo, it didn’t scab or hurt, this just proves that it was completely meant to be.

I’m currently planning my next tattoo as a homage to the past year and me finally getting my chance in life but I want to be absolutely certain before I get it. I would rather have something on me for life that I loved than something imperfect of meaningless.

What about you? do you have any body art and what do they mean to you? Or are you against body art? if so why?




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6 Responses to Cover me in words

  1. I never really liked tattoos until I saw yours; then I realised that they can honestly be deeply meaningful and poignant.

    As you know, I don’t have any now, but if I ever got the guts to, I think I would mimic the Dixie Chicks’ tattoos. They all have birds feet on their own feet; one for every number one they’ve had (or that they had until they had so many it would mean covering themselves in tattoos). I would probably do it with A* grades; it’s a reminder of success and helps when you’re feeling hopeless.

  2. Katie says:

    I adore tattoos! Pretty or meaningful, I don’t mind either way.

    I have several some mean something to me, some not so much but are there to remind me of some awesome times.

    I have a sparrow on my tummy, the sparrow is based on an illustration on a band tshirt made realistic by the tattoo artist. I got it after the best weekend in Glasgow spent with my best friends and witnessing the most moving and heart wrenching gig of my entire life. It also covers up a Powerpuff Girl I stupidly had done when I was 16.

    The cupcake on my arm is something I’ve wanted for years but always said it would wait till I was making a living from Pet Lamb. Even if it all falls apart I’ll always remember to keep sweet 🙂

    I have two pink lightening bolts on my wrists which I got in America. They just remind me of the lightening storms during my first real holiday with my friends.

    And last of all, I’ve just got the outline of one I thought was awesome. My tea for two tattoo will always symbolise my love for tea and will look pretty forever.

    Sometimes tattoos don’t need to mean anything at all. But it’s always good to look at those images adorning your body and remember the good times.

    Katie xox

  3. Bunny Darke says:

    I have six tattoos: a Rennie Mackintosh rose (I love Art Nouveau) , two black dragons (a design from a ring that belonged to an ex), cherry blossoms (my favourite flower), two bunny rabbits having a chase (does that need explaining?!), a trio of flying ducks (the quintessential kitsch decoration), and a little girl playing with two bunnies (essentially, me!) And I have my next two planned already. lol. Love yours x

  4. Rachel says:

    Amy- thank you hun, your ideas sound beautiful
    Becky- I LOVE your girl and bunny one and ducks on your back, you’re covered in pictures it’s lovely

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