Festive fingertips and Rosé

Hello my lovelies, I’m feeling very festive right now so when I got new nails today I think I was definitely influenced by the time of year. I knew I wanted something festive themed but also knew I had a few nights out and important things before then so it had to stand out whilst not being too tacky.

I love that this nail polish is fully glittery whilst having bigger sparkles in too. Its a silvery pink colour which doesn’t come across too good in the pictures. It catches the light brilliantly though.

I don’t often post photos from nights out, but almost every Friday I go for a few leisurely drinks with my friends from English Literature. I won’t show the embarrassing ones but here are a few

Me with Raychel from My Fine Frenzy

Laura, Raych me and Zoe. OK one completely silly shot

There were of course lots more photo’s as nearly all of us had a smart phone but they weren’t very “blog friendly”.I love how many wonderful friends I’ve made since returning to college in September, they make me smile and give me the confidence to carry on. We all have similar interests in the sense that we picked the same courses but we’re all different complimenting personalities.

And finally NicNat vintage is now open in Old Eldon Square (hippy green) in Newcastle, if you live nearby have a pop down. I haven’t had a chance yet myself but am popping down tomorrow so expect a post about it.

We’re nearing in on the last week of my first term back at college and I’m so glad I’ve got this far.



About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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3 Responses to Festive fingertips and Rosé

  1. It's called Rosé not Rose says:

    For someone who wants to be French you know nothing about the culture, fashion or even the slightest thing about the actual language which they speak. Rose wine is completely different to Rosé.

    You’re actually insulting to the French people with things like this and the way you bastardise their language in your blog title.

  2. Helen says:

    its about time Newcaslte got a new vintage shop. I’m from there. I cant wait to be home for Christmas to check it out.

    Helen, x

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