Golden bunny and twinkling trees

Christmas came to my house today with the arrival of the tree decorations. But first look who I found.

I got this bunny ring originally for Becky’s summer secret Santa for BSB’s birthday celebrations, but after giving it to her I fell in love and had to get my own. It’s quite big so I barely wear it but I saw it on my jewellery stand today and had to put it on.

Once again I didn’t leave the house so my outfit was a bit relaxed. And this long white shirt from New Look is so comfy.  The Scarf is also from New Look, while the leggings and hat are Primark. I went sans make up apart from my Chanel lipstick as I dislike wearing make up every day.

Anyway onto the tree!

This is not our main Christmas tree, it’s the one on the side table but I love it too.

And this is my “big” tree, the first picture wasn’t that good as the light wasn’t the best. I love the top of our tree though. It was originally a full tree shot until Daddy Polkadot sat in the way, but it’s a good picture anyway! The past few years we’ve had a red and gold theme with multicoloured starred lights.

We have these pretty lights hanging from our windows.

It really feels like Christmas now. And it’s not long to go now! Have you got your decorations up yet then?

Just a reminder that I’m an Eyeko ambassador so if you use my code E12830 on orders over £15, 18 euros or $20 you’ll get a free gift .


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PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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2 Responses to Golden bunny and twinkling trees

  1. We have a tree up in our flat now 🙂 YAY

  2. Leia says:

    Your christmas decor is so lovely Rach!

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