A Cause for Christmas

As it is a new month, we have a new theme at British Style Bloggers. It is of course the festive period but we decided that instead of having a big glitter consumer filled theme that we would strip it back and remember that Christmas is the time of giving and looking after each other.

That is why our theme this month is A Cause for Christmas meaning each of our contributors and guest writers will be championing a different charity for the whole month. Mine is naturally Lupus UK and you can read my full post here. Instead of just preaching about the illness I live with every day I decided to talk about what Christmas means to me.

And for me this is exactly what Christmas is, none of the songs, commercialism or decorations. Just spending one day with my whole family. With my Granda as Santa giving out the presents and me helping him.

What more do we really need in life?


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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2 Responses to A Cause for Christmas

  1. Josh says:

    what a great pictures! love them.. they are so darn’ cute
    קידום אתרים

  2. I love your Granda as santa! That is such a lovely tradition.
    Christmas hasn’t been the same for me the last couple of years, but it’s with the people who matter most; my Mum and Dad. 🙂

    Florrie x

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