Tout Nouveau- new site launch

Today is a big day, a twitter (@toutnouveau) I have been following intently for a short while are launching their all new website. Tout Nouveau is an online platform for emerging talent from major fashion and arts universities across the country including Central St Martins, London College of Fashion and Royal College of Art. Best put in their own words:

Exhausted with mass production, limited opportunities for conscientious graduates and the creative industry’s inevitable ability to conform – Tout Nouveau endeavored to provide a springboard for fresh and exciting ideas to flourish into desirable and vanguard, yet commercially sound products.

The site provides a gallery space for new designers and a place to sell their wares which in time will bridge the gap between them and influential people in the industry.  All products are bespoke and often one off meaning you’ll definitely have a unique piece

I thought I’d show you my favourite pieces from the site, designers featured are:

♥ Leather trousers and two jumpers cardigan- Natasha Wood ♥ Gold wire ring- Maya Campbell ♥ Legs brooch- Catherine Chester ♥ Nails bodysuit and studded shoe boots- Gemma Francis ♥

♥ Yellow strap satchel, peak hooded sweatshirt and beige peg trousers- Emily Mann ♥ Ozwald Boateng boots- Joshua Cook ♥

♥ Owl  pen drawing- Sarah Halls ♥ Goldilocks and the three bears print- Filiz Tunali

Tout Nouveau will also be updated by student bloggers also helping to launch them into the world.

The site is a little out of my budget but would be great for a luxury item! I fully support this platform and wish all the contributors the best of luck.



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One Response to Tout Nouveau- new site launch

  1. Natasha Wood says:

    Thanks for the compliments glad your liking the collection, will be continuing with the cardigan in the new year xxx

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