December inspiration

You might’ve noticed that I’ve began doing a lot more inspire me style posts these past few weeks and I wanted to explain why before I did another. When I first started this blog I was struggling to get out of the lowest point of my life so used this as an outlet and my first aim was to make myself smile. I never expected that anyone else would want to read it or find it inspiring. As the weather has turned cold and dull the awful voice in my head is creeping back to the foreground. So I thought I would strip the blog back and post things to inspire me in my day and help me and others to smile.

The FY White Christmas Tumblr plays Let it snow let it snow let it snow!

Oscar de la Renta

How beautiful is the BSB Holidays banner?

What would Christmas be without The Doctor?

December 1, 1925. Miss Lois Hoover and pig out for a stroll in Washington. With a chauffeur to do the heavy lifting Source

Fearne doesn’t always feel the need to wear makeup which I love.

Hope everyone is staying well wrapped up and safe in this weather.

Love love love



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PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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