Beatbullying Big March- 15th November

In some way or another bullying affects everyone. you may not have ever been bullied yourself in which case you are part of the lucky few, but like me you probably have experienced first hand what it’s like to be bullied and scared of going to school/ college/work because you know what will happen at some point during the day.

This is why I’m proud to be part of the Beatbullying Big March, on 15th November avatars of over 750,000 will be marching through 60 websites including MTV, Mumsnet, Barry M and MSN. We have the voice and courage that many children and young people don’t so why not use it to ask our governement to protect them and provide support from bullying and harrasment.

To take part simply visit the website, create your avatar like mine above and check out the park, anything you can do to help would be a bonus and may help a child or young person.

Pixie Lott is an ambassador of BeatBullying and has released the song “get weak” free on itunes for the charity.  The video features her own avatar

Side-note- My placard say’s “report don’t reply” in reference to my friend Stephy who started the twitter campaign #reportdontreply last year in anger at Twitter’s blocking policy of bullies. She set out to get as many of her friends and followers and those of the victim to report the abusive tweeter as opposed to replying to them and I think they were eventually deleted. You are an inspiration Stephy x

Thanks everyone



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