Women should be two things; Classy & Fabulous

Yesterday I truly made it; I owned my first piece of Chanel. My gifts from Susie’s blog giveaway arrived, the main part being this stunning item:

I know the first statement makes me sound really materialistic, but I have two simple pleasures in life;  being recognised for my talents and secondly getting an absolute bargain on luxury items. And what better bargain than getting a Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick (shade 19- Gabrielle) as a prize?! Speaking of which Shop Girl is asking her readers what qualifies as a luxury on her blog today. To me a luxury can simply be defined as something which I can’t justify buying for necessity sake but to me is completely worth it.

I’m quite happy today as I’ve finished my two first assignments which need handing in tomorrow. For the first time since I started fashion blogging and writing I’m finding it a really big struggle to fit everything in. College coursework has replaced fashion writing in my list of priorities and I have become a bit of a bad friend. But I’m such everything will begin to even out soon. On that note A Little Bird has wrote a great piece on getting the work-blogging balance, definitely worth checking out.

I’ve had a few remarks that alot of my content is more self centred and less to do with fashion so I’d like to end today with a quote from Coco herself

-Coco Chanel



About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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