Sunday Smile

Hello, hello mon cherie’s how are you all this lovely Sunday? I must apologise for the lack of Sunday Smile’s recently but we’re back and ready to beam from ear to ear!

Firstly I wanted to direct you to a brand new column I have began writing for Cellardoor Magazine’s blog– a shoot off from the successful online publication. I have decided to incorporate my love for fashion and new music to create Stylish Sounds. Every week I will have a little offering for you all, this week’s features Marina Diamandis.

McFly have this week released their second single from their forthcoming album Above the Noise. Shine a light features Taio Cruz and I completely love it, not just because they are my favourite band. The girls’ mirrored costumes are absolutely stunning. The song is currently number 2 in today’s iTunes chart so we shall have to wait and see how it does next week.

We’re finally all up to date with our BNTM Live posts it seems as I have just added the BSB Street Style post. We will hopefully have more pictures come to us this week as we did hound alot of people who’s style we loved at the show!

My lovely friend Soph who was my official photographer at BNTM Live this week started her own photography blog; Catching Lights to display some of her images. Admittedly the most recent post on it about me and Butterfly Day does make me cringe as compliments often do, but if you have Tumblr please go follow Sophie’s blog.

Which nicely links me to Butterfly day, as of Thursday I have had Lupus five years so to celebrate the fact that I was still alive and to more than anything raise awareness for Lupus I held Butterfly Day and posted the outcome on here. I was overwhelmed with the positive response but quite disgustingly it recieved negative attention too, I’ve made the decision to ignore these remarks and focus more on the important issue of educating people about Lupus. I would like to thank every single person who took part somehow, you’ve all really helped the cause.

For this next bit everyone of the “November is too early for christmas Gimics” camp can go scroll past. I’m not listening! I was genuinely all giddy when I went into Starbucks on Thursday and they had the Christmas drinks and red cups, even more so when on my way to the bus stop after I saw that Fenwicks (Newcastle department store) had unveiled their christmas window, this year the theme being Santa’s workshop. I can guarantee that I will revert back to childlike stage come December.

And finally, this thursay is Rememberance day and this Sunday is Rememberance sunday in memory of all the heroes we have lost in War. Please buy a poppy if you can and wear it with pride.

The little things:

♥  Speak Now– Taylor Swift ♥ Receiving college first drafts back and not having to change them too much ♥ X Factor fake twitters ♥ Winning Susie’s Chanel Lipstick Comp ♥


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10 Responses to Sunday Smile

  1. At the going down of the sun,
    And in the morning, we will remember ❤

  2. fashion girls says:

    Just so you know, the only reason we posted on Butterfly Day was because of how rude you were to our previous posts. Trying to say we were actually lucky you replied to us once. Considering I technically took part in Butterfly Day as I bought a bag with a butterfly motif that same day.

  3. fashion girls says:

    “I could have easily ignored this..” was the beginning of the first reply we received from you, and our first comment was not mean.

    • Rachel says:

      I seem to remember your first three comments were derogatory in some way and all were in quick succession before I replied. Regardless of what was said when you first began commenting it does not excuse the comments which I have chosen to delete for the reason that they range from rude to very personal. Despite relating to your own community and site you are yet to link to it.

      Suffice to say I will not be publishing, reading or replying to anymore of your comments

  4. I love shoes! says:

    Ever think of doing a blog about shoes?

  5. I love shoes! says:

    I look forward to reading about shoes in your posts. P.S when viewing this from a mobile web it brings up loads of comments you can’t see on a pc.

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