Day 1 of BNTM in snapshots

BNTM Live day One

Hi everyone, I’m very tired right now and am waiting from photo’s back from my BSB girls and Soph (my plus one and official photographer) so for now I’m going to give you a few photos from day one that I’ve been sent so far.

Above- the shimmering mannequins at the entrance

-myself and Soph before we entered the exhibition room, quick outfit peek too

– BNTM models Alisha, Tiffany, Charlotte and Joy open the show with Emma Willis and judge Charley Speed.

-Amy outside of the bloggers hub, the caravan I spoke of on Friday.

Amy CT, me and Sarah posing in front of the press bit like celebs. Or as one girl told me “you must think you’re special or sumfink” (I didnt reply just pointed to the rope between us)

– The catwalk show itself was heart stopping, so much in fact that I’m going to do a full post on the show and the girls- who were lovely by the way- but here are the girls at the end of the show

Tiff in the most amazing dress at the end of the show. She was stunning.

-beautiful male models for the swimwear section. It’s such a hard life being fashion press

-Sarah and our newest contributer Becky, two of the most straight talking sassy girls I know!

-The powder room had treatments including nails and makeup all ran by girls from London College of Beauty Therapy so were free.

– As friday was press day, we got treated to G desserts cupcakes in jars (modelled by Amy and Sarah) and Tia Maria cocktails. I also have to say as a Wicked fan, pink and green go well together.

– At the very end of the day I caught Charlotte leaving the exhibition and caught up with her for a few minutes. This was only took on my Blackberry so it isn’t the best quality.

I’ve got absolute loads to tell you all about which will probably last all week. I hope you love it

During the two days me and Soph and the BSB girls got treated amazingly well, better than I have by any PR and events management companies in the past.  Special thanks to Alexandra from Stuart Higgins PR for going that extra mile on more than one occasion.

Love as always


All images by Sophie McCurdy, Rachel Phipps, Sarah Coulson and Becky Darke, please click the links to visit their respective sites


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3 Responses to Day 1 of BNTM in snapshots

  1. 🙂 Thanks for an amazing day! Are Becky’s photos on facebook yet? xx

  2. Rachel says:

    They’re on her blog darling. thank you so much for an amazing day too

  3. IdaPida says:

    it sounds amazing hun 🙂

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