Madness “weekend”

Hello me dearies. I thought I’d do a quick post to explain where I’m going and what I’m going to be doing this weekend. I know it’s only thursday so that is why I used inverted commas because for me the big weekend is thursday to saturday.

About a month ago I was invited to Britains Next Top Model Live on the press day, Friday 22nd. I was delighted enough about that but last week I was also invited to join other bloggers in the bloggers hub and blog live from the event! And on top of that I have sent off interview requests for a judge and a contestant from the show, but I’m going to keep you guessing for now.

You’ve really no idea how excited I am about all of this, it is truly the most exciting thing I have ever done yet through Mon Polkadot Cheri. And of course I owe it all to you guys. A few of my close blogger friends are also going to be there with me; our lovely BSB editor Amy CT, the fabulous Sarah, the beautiful Sherin, the brilliantly witty Becky and the ever so sophisticated Rachel.

The event is in London so I will be staying with my dear friend Sophie who is coming to the event as my plus one. I don’t leave the capital until Saturday evening so we will be spending the day shopping and being tourists.

I will be tweeting throughout the weekend and twitpicing so please follow me on twitter for updates my profile is usually private but I will go public for this.

Sidenote- Look was waiting for me when I got home today

Have a great weekend everyone



About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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One Response to Madness “weekend”

  1. Is Sherin going too? Amazing – tomorrow gets better and better!

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