Kiss and Makeup

In over 11 months of blogging I don’t think I’ve spoke about makeup, which is weird because I wear it most days. I’m writing about it today though because my makeup bag is a disgrace right now. I thought I’d show you my current favourites whilst exploring some others.


I don’t have a very good track record with mascara or eyeliner, I’m one of those people who get quite freaked out so close to their eyes, so it’s not often I find a good mascara

A few month ago I won a goody bag from A|Wear and in it was this GOSH Irresistable Intensity mascara. I must say it’s the best mascara I’ve ever worn, with minimum clotting and a big brush to make sure you get right from root to tip. It’s great for day wear but even more dramatic for night time.

I use eyeshadows in pretty neutral shades because as I’m so pale skinned I can’t wear dramatic colours. I tend to stick to pale blues and greens to set off the colour of my eyes.

I love this colour from the Topshop range, it’d be great for a night out.


While I am really pale skinned, I’m not pale enough for specially pale foundations.

So during the day I use a natural shade like Topshop skin tint in Light, it has a great consistency but not so great coverage I find.

For a night or an event I wear a slightly darker one so it looks better under the sometimes harsh lighting. This is Rimmel’s Match Perfection in Ivory. It lasts for ages!


I love wearing Lipstick and hardly ever wear gloopy lipgloss. At the minute my favourite shades are Corals.

I have always wanted a Chanel lipstick and would still love to recieve one if anyone would like to buy me a present. Hint hint. I however really do not like the new “what a day for a daydream” advert, yawn.

What about you? What are your must have beauty items and what about your dream item?




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2 Responses to Kiss and Makeup

  1. Susie says:

    Chanel lipstick is the greatest! I love the Rouge Coco line, probably my favorite of the ones I’ve tried. I worked in cosmetics for a short while, and one of my favorite tricks is to line the bottom of your eyes in white eyeliner, I should try the Topshop one. As for dream items? Wow–Chanel Beige fragrance and the new khaki nailpolishes…sigh.

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