Sunday Smile

Hello,  hello my pretties, another week over and alot of love and smiles to spread so lets jump right in.

After yet another rather messy night I have decided to re-evalute my life and starting tomorrow I shall be cutting down on alcohol, never smoking again and starting at a gym. I will also be trying my hardest to stop swearing so much, as I suppose coupled with my geordie accent it makes me sound even more like scum. (not that I’m referring to geordies as scum)

My favourite model of the moment is Bo Don, I discovered her only yesterday in french magazine Madame (more about that tomorrow) but I’ve since found out that she was one of the models in the Dior haute couture show

Onto the almost weekly segment- Mean girls macros will always be funny

I’m so happy that Autumn is finally here, I know its rained alot but I can finally wear my jumpers and boots and have cosy nights in.

Forever 21 the huge American brand announced that they were coming over to the UK this week, they will be opening stores in Ireland and Birmingham but also have an online store. To find out more check out Nikki Nakki Lou.

As it takes an hour to get to college by bus I have began taking a book with me and at the minute I’m reading What rhymes with Bastard by Linda Robertson. It’s a hilariously touching story of struggling with the worst husband in the world, moving halfway across the world and all the while writing folk songs about her travels . Definitely worth a read.

October is Lupus Awareness Month and as some of you may know I have had Lupus for almost five years now. Lupus is an autoimmune system disorder; where normal immune system’s fight off infection and disease a Lupies immune system cannot differentiate between what belongs in the body and what doesn’t so can “attack” muscles, organs and bones and tissue. On top of that as your body is working overtime it causes hair loss, fatigue and red rashes typical across the nose and cheeks like a butterfly. I know this all sounds horrendous but luckily it can  be controlled very well and I rarely mention it on the blog as I don’t need sympathy. Through the whole of October I will the the Lupus badge on my blog so please click on it read us and spread the word; knowledge is power.

Just a reminder, You can win tickets to BNTM Live through Mon Polkadot Cheri

The little things

making new friends at college lovely messages in my ask box gorgeous shearling boots and lace tights Planning trips to LDN watching Hot Fuzz wih my Daddy ♥ watching X Factor in a “sarcastic media student” way ♥

What’s making you smile this week?


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PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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2 Responses to Sunday Smile


  2. raychxjane says:

    I think we should go to London together sometime and shop until the cows come home! 😀

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