Let Wonderbra have a full effect on your life

Wonderbra have just brought out their new bra; the full effect bra hopes to boost your bust by two cup sizes. Whilst enhancing your bust and helping you feel sexier it also is super lightweight and comfortable to wear.

In conjuction with the new Full Effect bra Wonderbra are giving three lucky girls the chance of a lifetime.

If your dream is to become a fashion buyer you’ll be whisked away to Paris to work with leading vintage site WeLoveVintage, after a night’s stay you’ll meet the Wonderbra team back in London to help select collections and cast models. That’s all topped off by a VIP night out with the Wonderbra team

If you’re lucky to win this you will get to spend the day shadowing BNTM’s Grace Woodward to help find three looks to compliment the Full Effect bra to feature on the Wonderbra site. You’ll then work with designer Richard Sorger to create your very own dress and to top it all off you’ll attend a fashion show with the editor of MyFashionLife.

If you share a similar dream to me you could win a weeks experience at Cosmopolitan.co.uk working as a member of the editorial team with Deputy Editor Bridget March. You’ll write product reviews for Wonderbra and also get the chance to attend a celeb interview then help write it up for the website.

Judging the winners of these three amazing prizes will be brand ambassedors Grace Woodward, Lucie Jones and Richard Sorger. They’ve each given Wonderbra some of their top tips for looking good

Grace says

Right now Christina Hendricks is the hottest thing since hot buttered crumpets, and boy does she have some. Christina’s look though is just as hard to achieve as Victoria Beckham’s, but with the help of the new Full effect bra it’s not impossible. It’s a known fact that guys like us gals looking curvy and now Wonderbra has the perfect way to achieve it without doing something drastic!

Lucie says

The best tip I’ve picked up from working on fashion shoots is that fashion can be comfortable! If you feel comfortable and sexy then you will look sexy. If you don’t feel right in those heels, wear another pair otherwise you may as well be wearing your Nan’s hand me downs. . .

And finally Richard has some body confidence advice

Trends are fun, but it’s much better to figure out what suits your body type and personality. Look for draped jackets, which are great because of the way they hang and move. My jackets for Autumn/Winter and next Spring/Summer all have skinny sleeves as they are more flattering

To enter the competitions and find out more about the new Wonderbra click HERE


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