Sunday Smile

Hello, hello sweethearts. It’s soooo cold today and it’s gradually going to get colder but I do love Autum/ Winter and I can’t wait to dig out my big scarf!

Lets get smiling

Oh X Factor, I do usually discourage the viewing and social commentary of the show because it is just another way really for talentless folk to become famous because they somehow think they deserve it. But in a sort of media student sarcastic way I have become obsessed with it this year! By which I mean analysing how peole court the media and stuff, and I am slightly enjoying it. As always there’s a complete mug on it who people love and hate at the same time, step forward Chloe Mafia

I love this bag, it gives such a statement to how alot of older people think the younger generation are always up to something.

I love when new young female musicians make a stir on the music scene, last year I saw Ellie Goulding when she supported Little Boots on tour and instantly fell in love with her sound. Right now I think Florrie Arnold could do the same next year, but I’m going to right a full post about her this week.

Time for a more than worthy cause

Help for Heroes is a brilliant charity for soldiers who’ve been injured serving their country. This month Status Quo have rereleased their song “In The Army Now” with proceeds going to the charity. There’s no doubt that the Quo are over the hill now but the video is still highly moving.

My college friend Raychel is an aspiring music journalist and events planner, she started her own bog this week. Please check out Raych Jane; My fine Frenzy for her musings on life and the things she loves.

We’ve got a new batch of staff members at BSB who have all brought such great ideas with them. One of our new interns Katie is now running a monthly street style column

This week she snapped some lovely outfits around Somerset House during Fashion week, you can read her full post HERE

Little things to smile about:

♥ Reaching 30,000 views, thank you all so much! ♥ Really exciting press invites ♥ Making new friends at college ♥ deliciously self indulgent nights in ♥ media class discussions ♥ Planning trips to see my friends ♥ Being stronger a year on ♥


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PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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2 Responses to Sunday Smile

  1. raychxjane says:

    Thanks so much for the mention! x

  2. Rachel says:

    You’re welcome Raych

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