Grandma chic

Alot of the time when I put a new outfit together my sisters response is that I look like “a Nana” especially in the winter; but when I looked at these outfit shots today I kinda saw what she meant.

The skirt almost resembles an old shopping trolley of my Nana’s but I love the shape of it; high waisted, puffing out in the middle then tapering back in. I teamed it with a bow cardigan, pearls and butterfly cameo ring for this lovely Sunday look.

I absolutely love the silhouette it gives me, of course showing off my “shapely” derrière but it also puts it in proportion with my hips and tum. Also check out the tights- my Autumn essential bow tights!

I wanted to illustrate just how cold it was today, I haven’t worn these arm warmers/fingerless gloves since the snow at the beginning of the year but today I wore them whilst writing at my laptop.I also wore my Swallow necklace from George @Asda.

I felt I kind of had to go without make up today as a) It is Sunday and b) I feel that I’m wearing make up far too much at the minute and don’t want to begin hating my natural look. I’m sure I’ll get hate for my natural face *eye roll*.

That last part sounded quite catty but to be honest I’m getting sick of how much hate Bloggers that I love are getting at the minute. It’s unfair and I find it disgusting that people think they can be so harsh and make ridiculous claims by hiding behind the anonymous function. It seems the online community hates success and that’s pathetic, we should be proud of each others successes not wait for them to fall. Anyway enough of the rant.

Love as always

Ps I decided to bring by my old signature, what do you all think? Yay or Nay?


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4 Responses to Grandma chic

  1. Yay 🙂

    And “I’m wearing a shawl – well, actually it’s a scarf – because I am essentially a Granny” ;D

  2. Rachel says:

    And if that quote isnt bad enough you have video evidence of me saying that

  3. Bunny Darke says:

    I LOVE your skirt! x

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