The girl with the most beautiful face in Hollywood

I love how diverse Tumblr is, on one page you can go from Lolcats to screen sirens and vintage images. It was on Tumblr where I first discovered Anita Page.

Anita was a big star n the era of silent movies and shot to fame at just fifteen. Though being incredited in her first movie she quickly set the foundations for her silent films career

In 1929 she recieved over 10,00 fan letters a week, over a hundred of these were confessions of love and marriage proposals from Benito Mussolini

Anita took a break from acting from almost sixty years but came back at eighty to the job she loved. She was the last living attendee of the very first Academy Awards in 1929 before dying at the grand old age of 98 in 2008.

I hate seeing pictures and interviews of really old stars as I think it ruins the illusion of a screen icon when you see such a once great person losing their memory sight and sound. So for me I will always remember her as she was in her hay day


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