Fashion Dos and Don’ts- Friend Friday

Hi all, it’s been quite a while since I participated In Modly Chic’s Friend Friday but after reading this week’s questions I knew I had to answer.

I never tell people what to wear and what not to wear; obviously I have some things I hate in the industry but unless it’s relevant I tend not to force it down your throats. As that isn’t very fair, so this post is all meant in fun and if you’re offended that I hate what you wear then I won’t lose any tears over it. So let’s kick off with the questions

1. What do you think are some of the top fashion don’ts?

Oh there are far too many to mention; fur gillets, crocs, double denim, fishnet tights during the day.  But top of the list has to be Ugg’s they are not pretty boots. They’re farmer boots from the australian outback. They are not comfortable as they have virtually no sole. The original ones probably are waterproof (maybe) but the rip-off versions oare not and why do you expect them to be? You’re essentially wearing wool on your feet!

2. What previous fashion don’t do you now wear with pride?

It’s not really “fashion don’t” but I always vowed I would never wear red, purely because when I was younger and I was teased for my ginger hair. I thought that it would clash and make me look even paler than I am. As I got older and more body confident I realised that this wasnt a bad thing and now red is my power colour.

3. Do you think there is a universal fashion do?

The only thing I think is a definite do the world over is buying clothes to suit and fit your shape. No matter how in style or gorgeous an outfit is; a wrong size and a shape that doesn’t suit won’t accentuate the outfit and your body the way it should. And more than anything a well fitting outfit will make you feel great.

4. What items lately, either recently in style or coming in now, do you think should never make it off the retail shelves?

Harem pants, they’re unflattering and massively lazy. They dont suit any shape or look better with any accessories. I just can’t see how they’re popular.

5. In your opinion, is there any blogger, fashion icon, celebrity who some how manages to pull off some fashion don’ts and still look good?

Katie from What Katie Wore can always pull off any looks that are thrown at her, I love the way she styles her items and as she once told me; even on her down days you wouldn’t find her in slouchy clothes!

So what about you?


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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3 Responses to Fashion Dos and Don’ts- Friend Friday

  1. illusclaire says:

    No fishnets in the day? :O

    We may come to blows, you and I..

  2. Rachel says:

    Oh Claire how are we even friends? 😉

  3. Emily says:

    Oh yes, Katie seems to be able to pull off any fashion faux pas or don’t with aplomb!

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