Just another in a long line

Oh, Chloe Mafia. Where do I even begin. Well I guess I should give a brief explanation for those who don’t know who this media monster is.

For those who don’t know Chloe Victoria Heald or Chloe Mafia is a 19 year old from Wakefield, Yorkshire. In she appeared on the reality TV show Snog Marry Avoid in which she vowed that she wanted a make-under to make her daughter proud and to be taken seriously. The results of her make-under…

She came out of it looking as fresh faced as a nineteen year old girl should. However she didn’t stick with her new look saying she didn’t feel like the real her.

She came back into the media’s gaze last weekend when she appeared on the X Factor as loud-mouthed, rude and generally dressed as trashy as ever. She had a just “alright” singing voice and an attitude that disgusted everyone in the room and at home. She eventually got through despite the fact that Simon Cowell said in hushed tones “she would be a nightmare to work with”.

This week it was uncovered that Chloe is an escort- I am reluctant to call her a hooker, escorts are defined as women or men who give their time to others, what they chose to do in their time is free for them to decide– and once again the media descended. As is expected in this country now.

So why would she bother putting herself and indeed her child through all this nationwide disgrace? Well part of me genuinely feels sorry for her, poor girl sought money the one way she was guaranteed to get it and was unluckily caught out. The more sensible side though, well that voice is mentally screaming at her for thinking that the only way she can become known is to essentially show herself up. Why is she bothering with all this exploitation and blatent lack of morals by portraying herself to have such a horrid attitude, inflated feeling of self importance and dressing  in such an unflattering way.

Well in the same way that she craves the media, the tabloids crave her. Well her type of woman at least, they make headlines, they cause arguements; love triangles and are a talking point. And it’s hardly a new concept is it? Just look at Jordan, Jodie Marsh, Michelle Heaton, Chantelle Houghton. The list goes on and on, girls who are virtually talentless and are simply famous for being famous.

More than anything what I would love this girl, and many others who see her as an inspiration, to do is take off the slap, dress well just for them and let their natural talent shine through. I’m sure they will have some somewhere.

And if they need inspiration look no further


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PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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4 Responses to Just another in a long line

  1. Daniel says:

    I like Chloe Victoria, to be honest. She has a somewhat murky past, so do lots of people. I mean look at Marilyn Monroe, she’s meant to be one of these natural beauties everyone looks up to but she unashamedly slept her way to the top. xx

  2. illusclaire says:

    The problem is that she can, it works. Boys can’t really get by on make-up and pushup bras full of shouting but girls can, and girls also have a slightly harder time of it overall, employment-wise. Especially single(?)/young mothers! Combine ‘tabloids are easy’ with ‘non-tabloids are hard’, and you get reality body-shakers.

    Revolution, revolution!

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