Vote for Mon Polkadot Cheri to win an exclusive H&M/Lanvin video

I love writing this blog and more than anything I love my readers, their views and how much you have all supported me. Right enough of the hard-sell onto the important things.

I discovered on Facebook yesterday that H&M are having a competition just for their fans who are also bloggers and it’s a very special prize. I’ll let the H&M page explain

Do you blog about fashion and style?

Here’s your chance to win a world exclusive prize! “Vote For My Blog” is a competition that allows your readers to show how much they like your blog. You may know how many readers you have, but you don’t know how much they really appreciate your efforts. Now is the time to find out.

Download the competition widget and start receiving votes from your readers.

The blog that receives the most votes will win an exclusive trailer for the upcoming Lanvin for H&M Fashion Show. When we say exclusive, we mean it. We won’t show it on Not on YouTube. Not on television.

So how do I get votes? well that’s where you lovely bunch come in.

You can vote for me by clicking the button

I really need your votes and would love if you could share this link;


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PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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