Breaking out of the comfort zone

As myself and Amy CT have pledged to break out of our style safe areas (Amy to stop wearing jeans every day and me to actually wear them) we decided to set ourselves a challenge.

Amy hasn’t posted much today apart from a twitpic

Doesn’t she look gorgeous? it’s hard to believe she feels uncomfortable dressed like this. You can read the rest of her post here

So what did you wear Rachel? I hear you ask

The one pair of jeans that I do own are these black skinny’s. I teamed them with a long horse printed vest and a waist belt to cinch it all in. My main worries when wearing these jeans are that they accentuate my bottom and hips a bit too much, but I threw those silly hang ups out the window today!

This morning when I left for my Grandparent’s house it was a bit drizzly and chilly- it’s truly Autumn- so I put my thrifted Topshop mac on top.

Keeping with the power red, I wore my red kitten heels. Not very practical in this weather though, I’ve got a feeling I will be dusting off my boots tomorrow.

The main idea of trying this outfit out was to prove that I could bring jeans into my regular wardrobe, so I had to include polkadots somewhere didn’t I?! I got this lovely hair bow in a set of two from Primark (or as my mother called it yesterday; Primies. Use of pet name for shops like this are a normal occurrence in my family)

And of course the pearls addition; I got this lovely cluster necklace from George at Asda.

Stay tuned for Rachel’s foray into buying Jeans.

Sidenote- How cute are these little notebooks?


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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3 Responses to Breaking out of the comfort zone

  1. Amy CT says:

    Aww, thank you for the mention and the lovely comments! Writing my post now 🙂 x

  2. Leia says:

    Rachel in jeans! Woww! Haha. I think you look great 🙂

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